Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm Going to Miss My Job SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

I'm getting a lot of flack at work lately. My supervisors and coworkers are giving me a hard time since my last day is getting closer and closer. I'm going to miss everyone at Prairie Academy. I've had the chance to work with some really great people. I've learned so much from supervisors and my coworkers were always so supportive in every aspect of the job. I realized how much I'm going to miss seeing all of these people on a regular basis. I turned in my letter of resignation to give my official last day of employment. I had been putting it off since it seemed like my departure was so far off. Then I got home from Sioux City and remembered that I only had a little over two weeks left. My last day at KidsPeace is March 11th. It's less than 2 weeks away now. I think another hard thing I'll have to do is say goodbye to all of the kids that are at the facility. Even though they can be pains in my side, they are some of the coolest kids I've met. I always tell people that I actually work with good kids who just make really bad choices.

A few words to my coworkers...
James--You've taught me so much in 2 and a half years. I don't think I would have been able to take on this new venture without the knowledge I've gained at KidsPeace.
Joe--I'd have to say you're one of the most unique individuals I've ever met. The stories you've told and the guidance on the evening shifts have also helped a lot.
Becky & Sammy--You two were my "partners in crime!" I've had a blast getting to know you two through work and our 'meetings.' I know I may have gone crazy if you both weren't there for comedic relief! Thanks for being awesome coworkers and great friends.
David--Thanks for always being there when people need it during shifts.
Bryan--Getting to know you and having you share what your daughter has gone through has helped me enormously during the past 10 months.
Katie--Keep it real sista! Ha! Good luck with your new house. Be sure to save the photos so you can show me when I get back.
Markeith--If you weren't there to give me hell, I don't know what I would have done.
Clint--Good luck in Delaware. I know you'll be successful where ever you decide to go.
Sue--Good luck with the rest of your classes.
Everyone else--it has been great getting to know all of you.

Hope everyone will be able to keep in touch.

Monday, February 21, 2005

35 Days and Counting

Only 5 short weeks left before I report to Detroit for Staging. The past few days I've been in Sioux City "playing" with friends. We went to a Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert on Thursday and it was awesome. I'm going to miss being able to go meet up with friends for a good concert! Theresa has been my partner in crime when it comes to concerts...she finds the shows and I tell her to sign me up! The rest of the weekend we just hung out, watched movies, shopped, etc. Last night Theresa, Becky and I caught Will Smith's new movie called Hitch. Don't believe the reviews!!! It's a very cute movie and Kevin James (from the tv show, "King of Queens") is hilarious!

Today, I met up with my college advisor and bookstore manager for lunch. I hadn't seen either of them for a good year and it was fun to catch up. My advisor enlightened me on earthquakes and had a few good stories to share.

I suppose...not much new to report. I only have about 18 days left of work. Time is going so fast! So much to do and it seems as though the days are just flying by while I'm standing still. Until next time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Realizing the Reality!

So the other night, I was laying in bed, thinking to myself about nothing in particular. All of a sudden a thought popped into my head, "I'm leaving for the Philippines in 40 odd days!" I sat straight up in bed and this feeling of excited sadness came over me. I'm so excited to be going on this new adventure, but several people are beginning to get some going away parties planned for me. Talking about leaving is the hardest part. Everyone is so excited with me and at the same time it's getting harder to think about the day that I'll be leaving for 27 months. Everytime I talk to someone, I get closer and closer to tears. I was at my sister's house yesterday and thought for a brief moment that I would start bawling in her garage as we were talking about the tentative date that I'm leaving for staging in Detroit. Even though I feel this way at times, I think about all of the cool people I'm about to meet and the beautiful places I'm going to see. Things seem to be alright again when I think about these things.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Assignment Description

In all of my excitement about receiving an actual invitation, I have yet to really explain what I'm going to be doing in the Philippines.

Community Services Educator

Dates of Service
June 10, 2005-June 10, 2007 (Orientation is in Detroit from March 28-30 and Pre-Service Training (PST) is in country from March 30, 2005-June 10, 2005)

My Primary Duties
"As a community Services Educator, you will be assigned to a community-based center of which there are many possibilities based on your interests and skills. Placements include Homes for Girls, Regional Rehabilitation Centers for Youth, Homes for Abandoned Children, Women's Havens, or NGOs that provide youth protection services and rehabilitation."

I really don't have a clue as to which one of the above placements I will be assigned, but I'm sure that my experience at KidsPeace will come into play and I could very well likely be placed at a rehabiliation center.

I am also getting a lot of questions about where specifically I'll be location-wise. To that question I can only answer that I won't know until I get to the Philippines. There are rumors/speculations that CSE volunteers will be placed in Northern Luzon which is the mountainous region. I won't know for sure until about midway through PST.

Hope this sheds some light as to what I'll be doing!