Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Assignment Description

In all of my excitement about receiving an actual invitation, I have yet to really explain what I'm going to be doing in the Philippines.

Community Services Educator

Dates of Service
June 10, 2005-June 10, 2007 (Orientation is in Detroit from March 28-30 and Pre-Service Training (PST) is in country from March 30, 2005-June 10, 2005)

My Primary Duties
"As a community Services Educator, you will be assigned to a community-based center of which there are many possibilities based on your interests and skills. Placements include Homes for Girls, Regional Rehabilitation Centers for Youth, Homes for Abandoned Children, Women's Havens, or NGOs that provide youth protection services and rehabilitation."

I really don't have a clue as to which one of the above placements I will be assigned, but I'm sure that my experience at KidsPeace will come into play and I could very well likely be placed at a rehabiliation center.

I am also getting a lot of questions about where specifically I'll be location-wise. To that question I can only answer that I won't know until I get to the Philippines. There are rumors/speculations that CSE volunteers will be placed in Northern Luzon which is the mountainous region. I won't know for sure until about midway through PST.

Hope this sheds some light as to what I'll be doing!