Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Entry From The Philippines

Well, the time is finally here. I've packed up my things, said my goodbyes, and moved out of La Trinidad. Nobody told me how hard it was going to be to leave my host family and all the new friends I made at site. My host family I will not ever forget...and I promised to come back when one of my host sisters gets married in the next 3 years. My host family are people who are so loving, giving, and selfless. AMAZING, AMAZING people.

I got to Manila on May 30th to start the extremely long process of being released from Peace Corps. There are just as many forms and just as much paperwork to be completed to get out of PC as to get in!

On June 2nd, three other volunteers and I took a night bus to Ifugao, the province where are friend, Julia, was killed. The official opening of the Julia Campbell Agro-forrestry and Memorial Park was held on June 3rd in Asipulo, Ifugao. The day was filled with dancing, speeches, and beautiful views of the mountains and rice terraces. We could only stay one day and we were back in Manila on the 4th. A long journey, but I am so thankful that I was able to go.

As I look back on my two years of service, I realize how much I've changed and grown as a person. I'm so blessed with the new friends I've made (both Filipino and fellow PCVs). The lessons I've learned were sometimes hard, but invaluable. I think I accomplished what I came here to in a new culture and be successful. I'm not really sure how to measure that success, but I know that if I could rewind time back to the day I filled out my Peace Corps application, I would definately do it all over again.

I fly home of Friday and I'm so excited to be back Stateside! I land in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 9th at 6a.m. I'm jumping into the thick of things right away and am taking a class at the community college. I'm planning on sticking around Worthington for about a year and then on to Grad School. Can't wait to see you all! Love ya!