Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vegetables and Turkeys

Whew! In my last entry, I said that I was in charge of getting 50 pounds of vegetables up to the site where we are having Thanksgiving. I need to clarify how many vegetables are actually being collected for our feast. This is turning out to be more of an adventure than I had originally aniticpated.

Baguio City is known as the Vegetable Basket of the Philippines due to it's rich soil and ideal climate for growing crops. Any type of veggie seems to thrive in this region so whoever is based in Baguio (or La Trinidad) is in charge of rounding up the vegetables for Thanksgiving. Now, last year we had about 15 or 20 volunteers attend our gathering. This year is almost doubled at about 35 volunteers! That means double the vegetables last year which was roughly 50 pounds. That means we have to bring over 100 pounds!!! And if my calculations are correct, we are bringing 55 kilos which equals 122 pounds! That's just the vegetables that are sold by the kilo. We are also bringing 85 apples and 4 squash.

One of the things I'm thankful for this year is that the number of volunteers in my region have quadrupled so I have a lot of hands to help with the transportation. I'm also thankful for a host sister who has a boyfriend who let us buy most of the vegetables at wholesale price.

Did I mention that I was also put on turkey detail...that's right, me and another volunteer are going turkey hunting later today in an attempt to find 7 turkeys that will also be transported on the 7 hour trip. You might be thinking, oh, turkeys won't be that difficult to find, there are grocery stores. But I may have forgot to mention that we need live turkeys. Yes, we volunteers like to make things difficult so we will kill, defeather, and cook the turkeys on the big day. Let's just hope we don't accidentally kill one another in the process!

Happy Gobble, Gobble Day!