Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Monday, September 04, 2006


Well, I know that a lot of you were giving me a hard time when I was home about how much actual work I do over here. This entry is going to explain just how much work I do!!!

I think I mentioned that I'm working on a developmental curriculum for the toddlers at the center. Another volunteer and I are writing the lessons and have been preparing grant proposals for our respective centers so that we will have the funding needed to implement such a curriculum.

A few months ago, I put the other volunteer (Erin) in contact with an Australian volunteer who is working at the UNICEF offices in Manila. Well the Aussie and Erin got to know each other because they live a lot closer to each other than I do. Erin got the Aussie to set up a meeting at UNICEF offices to talk about the curriculum.

The meeting took place last Thursday. The guy asked a lot of questions, we talked, it wasn't a very long meeting, but he said that our project was exactly what UNICEF wanted to fund and instead of funding just Erin's and my centers, he said that he would fund all DSWD Reception and Study Centers in the country...IN THE COUNTRY! This is turning out to be a way bigger project than anticipated and I think that Erin and I will be the ones to go around the country to train staff on how to use our manuals that we are creating.

My life just got a lot more busy...THANK GOODNESS!!! Plus I'm in the middle of planning the training week for the new volunteers. I was asked to be a technical trainer for the new social work volunteers. Their week of training is the 11th-16th. Then there is a meeting with the DSWD Central Office in Manila the 18th-20th. Plus I have to find time to do everything else I've been doing.

Finally, I'm regularly busy! Plus this is what I came here to do...make some sort of significant change. Can it get any better? Not right now!!!