Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Friday, June 02, 2006

Entertainment in the 'Pines

I thought that this week I would share with everyone the many different arts/entertainment events I've had the privilege of attending...

I think I've easily doubled the number of movies I've seen in theaters since being in the Philippines. It is soooooooooo cheap! As you all know, movies are around $7-10, and that's not including the pop and popcorn. Here, I can go for 65 pesos...that equates to around $1.50. How can I not go?!?! I admit, if I'm lacking something better to do, I'll go to 2-3 movies a week! When I do that, I ask myself how much am I really sacrificing in being here, HA!

BUT, and there is a big but, movies are very different here than back in the states. There are specified movies times, but again, they are only suggestions. Filipinos have no problem going into a movie at the middle, staying through the end, sitting and waiting through to the next start time, and seeing the beginning at the end. This means that people are coming in and leaving throughout most of the movie. At first I couldn't believe it, but I have actually done this one time! Who would have thought it?!

Yes, I have had the pleasure of going to a musical. It was performed at one of the local artist hangouts here in Baguio. The name, "Once Upon This Island" and was an adaptation, of an adaptation, of "The Little Mermaid!" At times I felt that the actors were over-acting, but the songs were fun and animated. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. You all know how "The Little Mermaid" ends...Happily Ever After, right? Well not this play. The rich guy and a peasant girl fell in love, but in the end, the rich guy told the peasant girl that he couldn't marry her even though he loved her and had to do the right thing which was listen to his family. So he married another rich girl and left the peasant in the streets. Then she died from a broken heart, grew into a tree and destroyed the rich guy's hotel. Was a "mouth hanging open" type of ending.

I've attended several art show and pottery mostly. They are always fun, full of people, and the artists are very approachable. It's especially nice being in Baguio where there is a huge art scene. There are many small artists' spaces around the city which are full of native Filipino works.

CONCERTS...actually only one concert
While in Manila one time, I had the opportunity to go to a free concert by a well known Filipino band called, Bamboo. I really enjoyed their music and have since bought both of their cd's. It's more rock than most of the bands in this country and their live performance is great. I certainly have had the chance to go to more concerts as bands and artists are always on what they call Mall Tours. Since there is an SM City (SM is the biggest mall chain in the Philippines) here in Baguio, there are artists here all the time. Usually I don't really understand how big they are so I avoid the nights they are at the mall because it is a HUGE mob of screaming kids and teenagers...not really my scene at all!

So you see, I'm not bored out of my mind here. I always have something to do and other PCVs are coming in and out of the city to keep me company if my Host Family is busy as well. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now...waiting for a volunteer who should be here in the next hour and a half. I'm trying to figure out what to do while I'm waiting since I'm at SM and that's where we decided to meet. There is a mob of people here right now because they are trying to stay dry. Take care! Agingat kayo! (You all take care!)