Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello Rainy Season

Well, it's started again. The fresh, cool, afternoon rains have begun again. Everday, around 3:30 p.m., the skies turn a dirty grey and douse the lands with the rain. It seems like the afternoon rains are much heavier than last year and last a little longer. Some days the rain continues into the evening. It's really hard to get clothes dry again. And there seems to be a funny smell in my room when it's damp. But I love the rain...for now. If there is a shelter outside in which I can sit and watch and listen to the rain, I'm content. Yikes! I have until October before we get a full day of sun again. I like it though...for now. I'm sure I'll get on here to write about the rain again in a few months and be praying for it to stop. For now, it's great.

Was able to help out with the training again last week. I talked about working with a Filipino supervisor and I think I gave a realistic description of what it could be like. Back to work and the center, things are better from last week when I wrote last. Yes, I'm frustrated, but I was able to talk to my supervisor and she's with me on writing a grant to start implementing developmental activities into the toddlers' daily schedule. If we get the paperwork done and the trainings completed, this could be an exciting time for the center and possibly all of the RSCCs in the country. At least that's the hope on a large scale! Right now we just are focusing on writing the grant.

Also, one last note, I will be coming home for a visit. YES! I said I'll be HOME for almost 3 weeks. I fly into Sioux Falls on July 17 and head back on August 4. I just couldn't resist not seeing the new addition to the family so I'll attend his baptism as well as a wedding (I guess I'm going to be in it too?) and I hope to see as many people as possible!!! Very excited and will be a nice break. I think I'll be recharged and able to come back and finish up my projects. When I get back, I'll be down to 10 months left and it's going to just fly.