Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yay!!! Finally More Photos!!!

Ok, ok...I know it's been a long time since I've updated my photo album, but it is finally done and pretty much up-to-date. I added 6...count 'em, 6, new albums so I hope that keeps everyone happy until I update again. Hopefully it won't take me 8 months to update again. I'll do better...I promise!!!

The first set of photos are from my site. They include photos of my house, center, and my surroundings. Click Here to view this album.

The second album is of my host family. Since I'll be staying with them for the rest of the duration of my stay, I thought it was time to include pics of the whole family. Besides, I kind of like them! They are the Calions and if you want to see who they are, just Click Here!!!

I've talked about my fellow volunteers in many of my entries, but now you finally have faces to go along with the least some of the names. This album I'll update every now and then if I don't have any other place to put the photos. Click Here.

Here are photos from my travels in September of 2005. Yup, it was a long time ago, but trust me, the pics are worth it!

Here are pictures from Thanksgiving in Sagada. Just a few, but it's enough to get an idea of how things went.

And finally, Here are photos from Christmas. Both Rachel and I wish we would have taken more pictures, but this is all we could come up with.

So there you go! Oh, and by the way, if anyone has anything they want to get to me (cards, letters, granola bars, real peanut butter, books, gossip magazines, etc), Francey and my Grandma are probably starting to pack and get ready for a visit to the 'Pines!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to see some family!!! Anyway, get it to them and I'm sure they will be able to find room in all of their luggage.