Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Friday, January 20, 2006

At Least it was Free!

So I'm not sure if I had shared with everyone that in August, I had got my hair cut. And when I say cut, I don't mean a trim, but many, many inches were disposed of. Well, that was the last time I got a "trim," and I felt it was time that I got another one. Since I'm broke, I opted for the cheap as possible route and found another Peace Corps Volunteer to do it for free. This was on Monday morning. She told me that although she didn't have scissors, she was sure someone else would. On Tuesday, she told me she had procured a pair of scissors and when I went to the room to see, I found that I was going to get my hair cut with a pair of little kids know the ones with the plastic handle and blunted ends! All I thought to myself was, "Hey, at least it's free!"

Well, we didn't get the job done on Tuesday night so she assured me that she would for sure cut my hair on Wednesday. After dinner, she told me to get a towel and meet her in our friends' room. She whipped the little kids scissors out and got to work. We had quite the audience and it even felt like people were watching me like they would a football game since they were drinking a few cold ones...I guess you could only call them room temperature! Haha, but again, at least it was free.

So my friend finished the trimming and now it was on to the layering. All of sudden, she said, "I'm not exactly sure how I should do this." WHAT? Then someone from the audience made a suggestion, demonstrated the technique and the hair dresser got back to work. As I looked on the ground, I was shocked to find half of my hair on the floor instead of still on my head! I was relieved to find that she did a really good job of cutting and I went to shower to get the excess hair off of me.

After showering, I towel dried my hair and applied some product to my hair. As I was doing this, where I part my hair, I found about 3 patches of hair only an inch and a half long! Thankfully my hair is curly and since I'm so tall, no one will really notice. I informed my new hair dresser of the situation and she about dropped to the floor. I told her not to worry about it. That it's only hair and other than that, I really liked the cut. I also said that she would do better next time because you know why? Yep, because at least it was free!