Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Friday, October 14, 2005

Hmmm...what can I say about the last week...

Actually it's been almost two weeks, huh??? I know, I'm getting bad at keeping up with my posts. It's been very hectic around here lately. The week I got back, I had something attack me! Ok, ok, it was only microscopic bugs of some sort, but I had a good hundred or so welts on my back and sides. So, I decided to contact the friendly folks in the Peace Corps Medical Office. They of course told me to see a doctor to examine and diagnose what I had. Well, I spent the whole Saturday trying to find a dermatologist only to miss all of the doctors!!! Oh well, I can wait til Monday, but I had to text my medical people in Manila and let them know. The nurse ended up calling me and then asked me some crazy questions...Have you ever donated blood, Yes; What blood type are you, A+; Can you come to Manila today and donate blood, SURE???

So I was off and running back to Manila less than a week after returning! While I was on my 7 hour bus journey, another volunteer texted me to tell me that PCVs are prohibited from donating blood due to the vaccines and malaria meds we are on. HAHA!!! I could only laugh to myself as I still had 3 hours on the bus until I got to Manila. Well, at least it's a free trip and I'll get to hang out with a couple other volunteers! Plus, I'll get to see a dermatologist in Manila for my bug bites. On Monday, I went to the clinic and found out that I had mites, which my mom informed me is just a generic term for some sort of insect that you can't see. I was given a high powered anti-itch cream as well as some pills to take at night so I could sleep through the night again (I hadn't gotten a full night's sleep about 5 days!). Then the doctor informed me that I needed to wash my floors, bed frame, tables, walls with a bleach/water mixture and soak all of my clothes in boiling water. Thankfully all of this has worked and I'm mite free again!!! YAY!!!

This past week at work, I facilitated a meeting with the staff of RSCC to try and gage what they feel needs improvement at the center. I was very happy with the turnout and the discussion that took place. I got a better idea of where I need to start and some of the big projects that I'd like to help with in the next two years. I'm still working on the brochure for RSCC as well as some foster parent recruiting materials. This has proved to be a much longer project than I had first anticipated, but things are going well!!!