Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Monday, July 25, 2005

Cooking...American Style, Rainy Weather, and a Christening

Ok, it's been a while and I apologize. I did attempt to write once last week, but the internet crashed during a storm. I'll try and summarize for the past two weeks!

Two Sundays ago, I cooked lunch for my host family. The menu consisted of Spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and a garden salad. I was very excited to start this meal as I hadn't had spaghetti or a good salad since I got to the Philippines. Ok, so I've had spaghetti, but you've read in earlier entries how sweet it is...nothing like what mom used to make!

I slaved away in the kitchen for 2 hours. My lola and two host sisters helped with the preparations. It was completed and it was quite tasty if I don't say so myself! The response from those who ate was positive. They noted that the spaghetti in the States is more on spice than on sweet and my host sister was suprised to find how sweet Pinoy style spaghetti is. The taters were a hit and it was a toss up with the tossed salad. Some didn't try it, but those who did said that it was good. My host father looked at the dressing and exclaimed, "so that's what this is for!" He said that he had always seen salad dressing in the grocery store, but never bought it because he had no idea what to use it for.

Baguio and La Trinidad has been hit with monsoon rains on an almost daily basis. And when it rains here, it's a serious downpour! I can't believe how much rain we have gotten and people say that it's usually worse; this is a light rainy season. The clouds roll in at around 11 am and it's usually starting to rain by 1pm. Then the thunder starts and it is so loud. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so high up in the mountains or if it's just being in a new place that has the windows open all the time! When the thunder gets going, then it really starts to pour. Small rivers are created and it is impossible to go 3 feet without getting drenched! I carry an umbrella with me at all times!

This past weekend I became a godmother. A baptism was held at my center and I was asked to sponsor one of the little girls who is there. The whole ceremony was spoken in English (except for the homily, which was in Tagalog). Baptisms are a time to celebrate and my center didn't skimp out on anything! They bought a whole pig, butchered it at the center, and was able to creat a feast. They used every part of the pig...the blood, intestines, liver...I think you get the point! It was a great experience and was glad I got to be apart of the celebration.