Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Philippines Here I Come!

It came today!!! An invitation to serve in the Peace Corps in the Philippines.

I woke up early this morning and checked my e-mail. There was a message from Peace Corps stating that my status has been changed from a "Nominee" to an "Ivitee". What does that mean? It means that they have a spot ready and waiting for me!!!

My e-mail didn't say where I'd be serving. I was too excited to go back to bed since I have been waiting for this moment for almost 6 months now. No one was home and all I could do was sit around the house doing nothing. Then the FedEx truck came to the house about about 10 o'clock this morning. I just knew that he would have a package for me.

I was so excited to rip the envelop open. Inside I found my Volunteer Assignment booklet. It stated that my country of service was the Philippines and that Pre-service orientation started on March 27, 2005 (dates subject to change). Since receiving all of this info, I've been calling people and telling them. I have a huge grin plastered on my face. I can't believe I've actually received an invitation. I'm sure it will start to sink in when I begin to fill out the many forms and make the necessary phone calls in the near future!