Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Saturday, May 08, 2004

I can’t believe how time flies when you’re busy. So much has happened during the last week! I had my interview on Thursday, May 6 and it went great. I was able to go up to the cities Wednesday before and stayed with my Great Aunt and Uncle. My cousin, Tony, and I discussed some of his experiences in Africa Thursday morning before I had had to leave for my interview. Some of his stories were amazing. It really got me excited about the possibility of becoming a volunteer.

Tony was great and drove me to the interview. I watched a very impressive video about the Peace Corps before I met with AB. When I was finished, she came and got me and we started the interview. She asked me some very difficult questions about life experiences and how I was able to react and learn from them. After AB was finished with her questions, she took my fingerprints and then asked if it was alright with me if she searched her database to see what assignments were available!!! I told her that would be great. She found a program in Asia (Nepal maybe???) that was scheduled for February, 2005. AB said that she was ready to “nominate” me into this assignment as I had a lot of qualities and skills she thought would be appropriate for Urban Youth Development. There was also an assignment in Eastern Europe that was scheduled in August that she said she would check into. She asked me to check on my last reference who had yet to turn in their form and then call her on Monday.

On Friday, I was shopping with my friend Amanda and my cell phone rang. It was AB and she said that I would be able to me nominated into the Eastern Europe assignment if I was still interested. I told her that I had thought about it and would like a little extra time to get things organized without having to rush too quickly and declined. I told AB that I had talked with my last reference and he was planning on filling out his reference form and emailing it to her over the weekend. She said that she would go ahead and mark down that she had received my third reference and nominated into the Asia assignment (she did this over the phone)! AB congratulated me and explained what the next step in the process was…the medical and legal forms.

I can’t believe that it is actually beginning! I have felt all of these different emotions over the last couple of days…excitement, nervousness, exhilaration, confusion, etc. Step 1 is completed, now comes the time for patience and flexibility; at least that’s what I have read about during this step.