Jody's Peace Corps Experience

Monday, May 10, 2004

Got an email from my 3rd reference stating that he had sent his reference letter to my recruiter. I left a message at her office, but did not hear from her. I hope that she was able to receive it. I’ll call her again tomorrow. The more I read and learn about other people’s experiences, I feel a strong sense of commitment to this program. I am at a loss for words when I try to tell my family and friends why I feel that I have decided to do this.

I had a great talk with my sister tonight. We discussed various events in her life that I may miss while volunteering in Peace Corps, the biggest being the birth of her first child. Although this is a very likely possibility, she has assured me that there would be no resentment and that I would play a huge part in her first born’s life. This is very important to me and something that I don’t want to miss, but know that it is very possible. Also, after talking with her, we both have an understanding of each other’s feelings and are comfortable with decisions that will play an important part in our lives. THANK YOU CHARLEY! I’ve always known that you will support me in all that I do!